Monday, August 3, 2009

Tian Xiang Hui Wei Steamboat - Pudu

Sorry guys... Another food post...

Celebrated my papa's birthday last week.
Went to this "Tain Siang Hei Wei" - I donno how they pin yin, maybe they follow Taiwan's dialect pronunciation.
It was the most expensive steamboat that I have tried...
RM500 for 7 adults and 3 kids... Heartache till now... T___T

This is the coupon that I bought...
Paid RM500 but get RM750 worth of coupon in return - we have already used RM500 voucher that night.

This is the soup base - herbal soup. The soup itself already cost us RM38. But I think they did not put MSG because I drank quite a lot but I did not feel thirsty after that. One good thing about the steamboat is, the soup is nice, and you do not need any dipping sauce...

RM500 for steamboat is a bit too expensive... T__T
No prawns no crabs...
Only, some fish balls, sliced meat, tofu, yam, corn (one corn costs us RM7!!!), meat balls and some noodles... They claimed this as 养生(healthy) ...

Since I still have some coupons left, will go there again - probably for the last time...

Note: 10% of service charge and drinks need to pay by cash... The vouchers only can be used for food...


  1. Hey Josehpine,

    do you have the interior pictures of the said restaurant or not,,, i want to see lah,,,

    hey i am sorry that you got scared reading my blog,, dont worry wil marriage will be like mine or even better ,,,ok,, there are indeed good guys and gals out there

  2. So expensive, I never try such expensive steamboat before. When you eat there, is it the restaurant full of customer?

  3. Eugene: Sorry, I don have the interior photos... Ya, I agree with you, u have a great marriage...

    Jezalmy: That restaurant is not full loh... So expensive, i think not much ppl wanna try. I rather go for RM18.80++ steamboat buffet loh...

  4. wah.... the most expensive steamboat.. no prawns no crabs some more... then what did they put? shark fins or abalone perhaps? thanks for sharing, i wont go there la.. hahaha...

  5. That's quite expensive wor, but nevermind lah, it's your dad's birthday mah.

  6. 第一次見到KL有食市係比香港貴...

  7. So expensive. I will never eat there.

  8. yew mao gao chor..5 pak kew?? *faint*

    tapi ai jak soup base hao chiong 5 chor har.

    btw, yew ngin 1 jak ngin steamboat mao geh?

  9. expensive....oh...but if you convert to SG dollar, it's cheaper lar..

  10. Wah serious ar? so expensive one? What they put in the steamboat?

  11. They got 1 branch here too, I never been there yet lah, but my friend went with her hubby...until now still cursing cursing.. complaining very damn expensive..hehe!

  12. wow, this is a real expensive steamboat leh, I better stay away from this restaurant. Nice of you to take your dad to such a high class place. Wish your dad a Happy Belated Birthday!

  13. u start blogging abt food... :P

  14. wow... quite expensive...
    but the soup lood delicious....

  15. Josehpine, you kena 'potong' is it? Or the restaurant is very grand one?

    Maybe you should try Tamerind Springs for fine dinner, somewhere around Ampang side.. very romantic place.. for family gathering dinner also very good..